Stained Glass Process

Echinacea door trunk glass. Kiln formed clear glass with enameled glass flower petals. Flower centers clear with fused glass green jewels in ascending sizes. 3/16 ths copper foil to produce a fine line effect, with a bright solder and 3/4. The pictures that follow will give you an idea of our creative process and variety of techniques we use.

This is one of four drawings for trunk openings over the second floor doors.

stained glass colorful art by polygon glass
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Posted on 04 Feb 2015 by Geoffrey

Silk Screen Printing on Metal

The following gives a general idea of Industrial screen printing, this is a very large category and includes to much too describe here. Our specialty is in short run, prototype printing, and creating job specific tooling for customer use. We can work to Industry Standard or "Mil. Spec." We have 30 years experience with military contractors; sheet metal shops, and finishers.

To the left you can see bottom of panel with threaded inserts followed by three photo positives for the three colors and the front of the panel, all this is on top of RFQ. and color key representing completed piece.

silkscreen printing metal art by polygon
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Posted on 02 Feb 2015 by Geoffrey

Antique Chair Repair

The repair plan develops from one assessment of all the defects found and access to these defects allow best practice repair. Often circumstances refine ingenious solution for situations involving partial or spot repair. I favor complete diss-assembly, dowl replacement where necessary, and complete assembly from the ground up.

restoration chairs repair art by polygon wood
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Posted on 01 Feb 2015 by Geoffrey

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