Stained Glass Process

04 Feb 2015 by Geoffrey

Echinacea door trunk glass. Kiln formed clear glass with enameled glass flower petals. Flower centers clear with fused glass green jewels in ascending sizes. 3/16 ths copper foil to produce a fine line effect, with a bright solder and 3/4. The pictures that follow will give you an idea of our creative process and variety of techniques we use.

This is one of four drawings for trunk openings over the second floor doors.
Working out of the cutting strategy.
Some fused glass elements, centers for the flowers.
Some of the other panels in progress. The clear glass is kiln formed with a random texture to give an antique glass look. The flower elements ready for enameling, that process by which vibrant color is fired onto the glass.
Panel foiled and fitted with zinc came border ready to solder.
The set of four, crisp and ready to go. The light in and around these panels will be a source of pleasure for everyone who sees them.

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