Antique Chair Repair

01 Feb 2015 by Geoffrey

The repair plan develops from one assessment of all the defects found and access to these defects allow best practice repair. Often circumstances refine ingenious solution for situations involving partial or spot repair. I favor complete diss-assembly, dowl replacement where necessary, and complete assembly from the ground up.

The cumulative affects of oxidation, board flexture, abrasion and changes in humidity and temperature will take their toll sooner or later, left in service joints change shape, glue lines break and safty becomes an issue.
Unacceptable surface damage that is beyond the bounds of acceptable ware and palima need to be matted in wood type and grain.

Joint repair is often complicated by ware, age, and joint faces rounded rom flexing at the broken glue line. In this case the joint originally joined with one dowel was repaired using two dowels for a much stronger joining.
Here damage to the sculpted mahogany chair leg is repaired with like wood matching grain so that stains and the finishes will blend excellently.
When gluing up alignment and get are the genius of strength. all usable components of the upholstery are reused and replaced if needed. The final finishing of the piece will bring it all together beauty and comfort that will last.

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