Like What You See?

Spirit Whistle Pendants

Porcelain whistles individually hand-crafted with variations in shape, color, and tone. Fired and glazed like fine porcelain dinnerware, they are pleasing to the touch and their warbling sound, fun to make. Each whistle is an attractive and unique pendant.

Fused Glass Earrings

Unique, handmade, with a distinctive one-of-a-kind shape and sparkle. The clear recycled glass of our earrings sparkle like ice, they reflect skin tone, and clothing colors. The metal parts are of the best grade Hypo-Allergenic Surgical Stainless Steel.

"Polygon delivers on time, on budget, and with technical excellence."

- Ronald M. Miller

How We Do It

All our creations are handmade with care. We focus on technical diligence to lovingly produce the best possible products just for you! Here you can take a glimpse into our process, from making clay bowls, to a commissioned refurbishing of an antique chair.

Our Town, Our Community

One of the head artists of our studio, Wanda Gangel is an active member of the Narrowburg Beautification Group (NBG), a group of community members dedicated to keeping our town a beautiful and clean place.

Custom Commissions

Stone carvings, custom paint jobs, stained glass and more! Want something done that's not available for sale? Want an old antique refurbished? Contact us to see if we can help! If you'd like more information regarding commissions just click above.

Let's Work Together

You can call (845) 252 7400 or click below to fill out a form for commission, workshop, or business inquiries. If you do not get a reply in one week please send it again. Thank you very much for visiting!